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  • Katharina Faber


The pile of letters on your desk is getting bigger? Your sink is overflowing with dishes that need to be cleaned? Try the one minute rule as an effective life to get more organized and remove the clutter - mentally and literally!

The one minute rule is very simple: if a task can be done under a minute, you do it right away. Answering a text message, hanging up your coat, cleaning your mug, filling in a form, responding to an email - the list goes on! If you do these tasks one by one, they take less than minute and are easy and quick to do. However, if you let a mountain of dishes build up in the sink, the combination of many simple tasks now seems numbingly overwhelming so you keep putting it off. So - keeping small, nagging tasks under control can make you feel more organized, serene and happy. Anything that presents itself, you do it right away. The one minute rule is a concept by Gretchen Rubin, author, speaker and podcast host. In my own life, I always take her rule even further: do anything that takes less than a minute and make sure you don't have to touch anything twice. What do I mean by that? You picked up the scissors to cut open a package. Instead of putting the scissors down on the counter temporarily, put them away right away. This prevents clutter even more and makes you not have to worry about something later on, you deal with it right away. Both these rules are so incredibly simply that it makes them easy to turn into habits. It doesn't only leaves your house cleaner and more organized, following these rules also removes the invisible weight of these tasks from your shoulders. When we put things off, they never really go away until we actually deal and you don't don't have to remind yourself to "get it later". Resources:

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