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Planning your day or week feels like one of the most daunting tasks you face on a regular basis? Keep on reading as we unravel some of Anna Newton's, author of An Edited Life, secrets to an organized work day.

Have you heard of Anna Newton? Since 2010, she has been posting on The Anna Edit, her personal blog. She's also a YouTuber and as of recently, a book author. In her book, An Edited Life, she outlines simple and actionable steps to streamlining your life, at work and at home. And if you're into intentional living as much as I am, this could be a good book to read!

Today I wanted to give you a short and sweet overview of her ideas on how to organize your work day with the help of a planner - paper based or digital.

These are the options she introduces you to:


  • Plan a week to a page, setting yourself a handful of condensed tasks to complete a day

  • Plan a day to a page, giving yourself a breakdown of your to-do list action points

  • Use a page as a daily to-do list, ticking items off and adding items still left to complete the following day on the next page


  • Asana - For use as either an individual or a team, here you can keep track of workflow, timelines and to-do list points

  • Todoist - A way of organizing jumbled action plans into something that's manageable and more plan-like. Perfect for planning big projects

  • Evernote - So simple, it's basically like a Bullet Journal (a to-do list and calendar in one) but in digital form. A one-stop organizational shop

Other Methods:

  • It's not exactly the sexiest app, but Notes or whatever version you have, is a quick and easy way to make to-do lists in seconds

  • is a planning place for teams. You can schedule and assign tasks, update progress and add in timelines for team members

  • Trello - a great tool to use for those who are managing multiple projects at any time. It's to-do list central and easy to keep track of


Anna Newton - An Edited Life. Simple Steps to Streamlining Your Life, at Work and at Home

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