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  • Katharina Faber


We live in an almost entirely digitized world. However, I am still the one person that is not using a digital calendar unless I am forced to do so. There are some analog tools that severely increase my productivity.


I do not use a digital calendar. Every year, during back to school season, I am excited to research the best new analog calendars out there. Here is what I typically look for:

  • I like being able to see one week at a glance, either on one page or over two pages

  • I need lots of space for notes on the side

  • I like lined calendars over any other type

  • I need a decent amount of space for each day but not too much

Other than that, I am not too fussy when it comes to my calendars. I rarely use all the stylized pages you get in the front and the back of a calendar. I like some simple pages for notes and that's it. For 2021 I have ordered the Appointed 2021 Task Planner. It looks like the perfect combination of a simple calendar with some space for notes, task lists and priorities.


I usually have a separate notebook that I only use for to do lists. Every day I open a new page and write out my to do list for the day. It is important to me to start a fresh list every day and not use a half crossed out list from the day before. I like a clean blank slate. The to do list notebook is usually smaller, I often go for either A5 or A6.

I am curious to see if the task planner pages in the Appointed Task Planner will replace my separate notebook!


I process information way better when I write it down by hand. In my job, I deal with a lot of planning and strategy and for me, it always works better when I can write it out on a piece of paper. For this notebook, I usually go for a not so pretty spiral because I always rip out the pages when I no longer need them. I also usually go for A4 size because I want to have as much information on one page at a time.


Yes, this is yet another book that I use throughout the day. It is actually the notebook that I use first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed. Here is how I structure my journal:


  • 3 goals for the day


  • 3 things I am proud of

  • 3 things I am grateful for

I have found that writing down three short goals for the day really keeps me on track and motivated for the day. The evening portion lets me reflect on the day and appreciate what I came across that day. For that notebook, I usually opt for a more expensive, beautiful notebook in an A5 size.

In terms of the pen that I use, I am not particular at all. I gravitate more towards cheaper, thinner pens that aren't too heavy. They're always roller ball pens that feel they have dark, rich ink.

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